What is the correct fit for a Latin shoe?

Latin shoe is the open toe sandal style shoe. They need to fit snuggly on the foot. When the dancer's heel is sitting securely in the back of the shoe, the toes should reach the front end of the shoe. Quite a few Latin dancers prefer a much snugger fit and will purposely buy their shoes half size smaller than their shoe sizes to achieve this goal. In that case, the toes will hang over the front edge of the shoe a little bit and that is very common among Latin dancers.

In Latin dancing, the dancer is trained to point their toes like a ballet dancer would. Therefore Latin shoe needs to be more flexible. When the toes are pointed, the front of the shoe will be pressed downward and thus create some room in the front of the shoe. Since in Latin dancing, one of the two feet will always be pointed, a lot of dancers prefer to have the shoe very tight when they stand flatfooted on the floor. And when they point their feet, there is very little room in the front end of the shoe. The foot and leg action and fitting for the shoes are the same for both male and female Latin dancers. Most female dancers prefer a heel of 3"; some wear a 2.5" heel. Male dancers wear the 1.5" Latin heel.

What is the correct fit for a Ballroom shoe?

Ladies' ballroom shoe is the closed toe pump style shoe. In International style (Standard dances), ladies are required to wear a closed toe, closed side pump style shoe. They can be without any strap or with a single strap on top of the shoe to keep the shoe on the foot. If the shoe doesn't have any straps, the dancer usually wears a clear plastic strap over the shoe to hold the shoe in place. In American style (Smooth dances), ladies can also choose to wear closed toe shoe with open side and a crossed straps. The rules for American style are not as strict as in International style. Most female ballroom dancers prefer a heel of 2.5".

Male ballroom dancers wear a 1" heel ballroom shoe either in plain black leather or the shiny patent leather. Competitors usually wear the patent leather ballroom shoe. A lot of male ballroom dancers like their shoes a bit on the stiff side but in the past few years, many of them prefer the shoe more flexible so they can do the line figures more easily. But it's a personal preference whether one wants the ballroom shoe more flexible or not.

I have never ordered dance shoes before, how are they different from regular shoes?

All dance shoes, both ladies and men's have non-slip suede soles, a metal shank in the arch for support and they are very light-weight and flexible.

How long and how much it takes to ship my order?

We ship everything via USPS priority mail. Generally, it takes 3 to 7 business days for merchandise to arrive. The shipping charge for the first item is $12.00 (USD) and $3.00 (USD) per item for any addtional items.  Express Mail is also available.  Express mail generally will be received in 1-2 days, depending on location.  Shipping charges for Express mail are $45 (USD) for the first item and and for any additional items, we will quote the cost prior to completing the transaction. The cut off time for Express Mail orders to be sent out the same day (Monday thru Friday) is 1:30pm PST.  Orders received after the cut off time will be sent out the next buisness day.  Also available is Next Buisness Day shipment by FedEx.  This form of shipment is received the next buisness day and the charge for Next Buisness Day is $72 (USD) for the first item and for any additional items, we will also quote the cost prior to completing the transaction.  For shipment outside the U.S., we will quote the shipping cost prior to completing the transaction.

It is our company's policy that once your order is in the hands of the courrier, we are no longer able to assume responsibility for it. Therefore, we ask you to please make every effort to ensure you have entered the correct shipping address where the order may be deliverd safely.


What if the shoes don't fit properly or I don't like them?

Please return the shoe in the original box within two weeks of purchase.  The shoe must be in brandnew and unworn condition.  Please also place a copy of the receipt together with a note with specific instruction inside the box for return or exchange.

If I return the shoes, is it my responsibility to pay the shipping charges?

Yes, that is your responsibility.  However, if you wish to exchange the shoes we will not charge postage for the first exchange, shipment by ground service only in the United States only. We have a 14 day return/exchange policy. Under certain conditions, shoes will be accepted for return/exchange after the 14 day period. A $15 (USD) restocking fee will apply.

If I have only worn the shoes once, can I return them?

No, only totally unworn as new shoes will be accepted for return or exchange.

If I send the shoes back and they get lost is that my responsibility?

Yes, it is.

If I return the shoes for a refund are my shipping charges refunded?

No, that is your responsibility.

If I need a pair of shoes very fast, what is the best way to order?

Please call us with a credit card in hand. We can check our inventory and if we have the shoes in stock, we can ship immediately.

Do you have a Professional discount?

Yes, to full time Professionals with certification.

Do you offer a Student discount?

Not usually.

May dance shoes be worn outdoors?

It is not advisable because of the delicacy of the non-slip suede soles, and please do not get the soles wet - you will ruin them.

How long will it take for my return to show up on my credit card statement?

It usually takes 2-4 weeks before the credit will show up on your statement. Depending on your credit card company, it may take longer for it to show up on your statement.

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